Hi, I'm Francis

I'm an engineer, coder, author, ultra-runner, artist and musician. I enjoy building things that enhance the human experience. My pronouns are he/him. Thanks for stopping by!

I work for Peloton

I lead the Cardio Software Engineering group at Peloton. This group imagines, builds and supports everything to do with Peloton's Cardio business (Tread, Bike and beyond) and I learn something everyday from this group. As a team we are committed to putting the highest quality experience out there for our members and it's a privilege to serve the Peloton community. #togetherWeGoFar.

Cody Rigsby
Nike, Audible and Amazon

My path

I've been working in software for over 24 years. My background is in computer science and I'll always be a coder at heart. I have been fortunate to work at some iconic brands with really interesting problems at global scale. Most recently I led engineering for the SNKRS brand within Nike Digital and prior to that I spent 8 years at Audible in Amazon.


A 400 page how-to book Amazon Web Services, SOAP, XML RPC and more written in 2006/2007. This was both a life and career goal I set for myself. Wiley was my publisher and I learned a tonne through the process. It's out of print now but you might still find a copy on the secondary market.

Ultra Running

I love running as a past time and enjoy the occasional race on the trails or in the mountains. In 2018 I finished Leadville in 28hours 32 minutes. Here's a photo I took from the course on the Leadville 100 which I hope to get back to once COVID settles down.

Leadville Colorado